Ensure product quality, safety and compliance and achieve the required certificates to reach your target markets

Fire alarm and detectors are a critical element in any fire safety system. Their importance and complexity has grown due to the integration of electronics and new communication protocols amongst the different active fire protection elements. 
To be marketed in Europe, fire alarm systems must pass a testing and certification process according to harmonized standards (EN) and Construction Products Regulation.  Other markets such as Middle East also recognize European standards but only if test reports and certificates have been issued by a laboratory or a certification body recognized by the government of the target country.
Applus+ Laboratories offers comprehensive testing and certification services for fire alarm manufacturers and distributors. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories (consult all our accreditations) have the following capabilities for fire alarms: 
Our test accreditation covers the following products:
  • Control panel and indicating equipment (EN 54-2)
  • Power supply systems (EN 54-4)
  • Sounders (EN 54-3), Voice alarm controls (EN 54-16) & Loudspeakers (EN 54-24)
  • Heat & Smoke Detectors (EN 54-5 & EN 54-7)
  • Manual Call Points (EN 54-11)
  • Short-circuit isolators (EN 54-17)
  • Input/output devices (EN 54-18)
  • Extinguishing components & panels (EN 12094-X)
  • Autonomous Smoke Alarm Devices (EN 14604)
  • Components using radio links (EN 54-25)
  • Flame Detectors – Point Detectors (EN 54-10)
  • Aspirating Smoke Detectors (EN 54-20)
  • Alarm Transmission and Fault Warning Routing Equipment (EN 54-21)
  • Compatibility assessment for systems components (EN 54-13)
Thanks to our accreditations and recognitions, we help manufacturers to ensure compliance and reach their targets.
  • Speed up the testing and certification process to shorten time-to-market.
  • Applus+ Laboratories, one stop shop to perform the full characterization of your fire alarm system. 
  • A single certification partner to access multiple markets.