Type approval for telecommunication and radio communication products intended to be marketed in Egypt is based on NTRA’s approval.



Telecommunication and radio frequency transmitter and receiver products intended to be marketed in Egypt that make use of the radio spectrum or connect to the public network are subject to a mandatory approval process issued by the NTRA.

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) is Egypt’s national authority whose duty is to regulate and provide guidelines for the use of telecom services and equipment in the country as well as ensure compliance with the regulations and standards in place.

NTRA’s compliance testing activities must be based on 2014/53/EU RED and/or FCC test reports performed at any laboratory; therefore, in-country testing is not required. Moreover, an EU-Type Examination Certificate or an FCC Grant must be part of the technical documentation submitted to the NTRA.

Once equipment type testing has been performed, applicants must apply for the NTRA’s certificate of approval by submitting the required documentation through NTRA’s official e-mail address. The technical file must contain basic information, such as RED/FCC test reports, an EU-Type Examination Certificate/FCC Grant, detailed equipment descriptions, a user manual, a block diagram, internal/external pictures, etc.

Furthermore, the applicable requirements may differ depending on the applicant’s/manufacturer’s country of origin. The NTRA’s regulations state four categories of approval, depending on the country of origin:

  • Light Scheme (for applicants/manufacturers from Western Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan or the USA)
  • Tight Scheme (for applicants/manufacturers from China or India)
  • Guided Scheme (for applicants/manufacturers from Egypt)
  • Intermediate Scheme (for applicants/manufacturers from any country that has not been listed)

Testing requirements will be stricter for the Tight Scheme in terms of laboratory recognitions.

Every scheme requires the ISO 9001 Certificate or similar to be presented as part of the technical file. However, the Guided Scheme will require factory inspection in order to get type approval.

The validity of the NTRA’s approval certificate is indefinite and the overall approval process can take approximately 8 weeks. However, if the applicant’s/manufacturer’s country of origin is India or China, it can take up to 12 weeks.



There are no specific product requirements for the NTRA’s approval.

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