Type approval for radio and telecommunication equipment intended to be marketed in Chile is based on the SUBTEL'S approval.


Summary of SUBTEL Radio Type Approval process

SUBTEL approval is mandatory for telecom and radio transmitter products that are commercialized in Chile. The Technical File for addressing this approval is based on the preparation of all required documentation, including CE or FCC test reports, and provide this documentation to SUBTEL for his review and assessment. After this revision, SUBTEL issues a Certificate of Conformity with permanent validity. 

All devices, except Mobile Phones must follow the path as explained above which is called Certification of devices with reduced range. This certification process applies to devices that use WLAN, equipment with Bluetooth, remote radio controls, RFID equipment, Telematic Control Units (TCU), etc.

If the product is a Mobile phone that use Chilean cellular networks, the process change. The process for this kind of products require the involvement of a Homologation Body to determine within which bands/technologies the model operates and the Homologation Body shall issue a the certificate, this route for mobile phones it is called Multiband /SAE Homologation. 

In summary, SUBTEL Approval does not require local representative, no samples are needed for devices with reduced range and two normal samples are required for Multiband /SAE Homologation. The lead time for devices with reduced range typically takes 6 weeks while the process takes 8 weeks for Multiband/SAE Homologation. The validity of the certificate is unlimited.

SUBTEL Label Requirements:

The use of a certification label is regulated differently in Chile than in many other countries. A device that uses wireless technologies does not need to be labeled with a certification label – either on the product itself, on the packaging or in the manual. 

The only exception here are mobile phones that uses 2G/3G/4G technologies which are certified under Multiband /SAE Homologation. Manufacturers are required to print the appropriate label on the product packaging, in which case a minimum height of 3 cm must be considered. The certification label must clearly shows in which frequency bands the product support. Label example is detailed below:


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