Ensure structural bearings and anti-seismic devices conformity and access the entire European market


Structural bearings of bridges and other constructions are exceptional, high-risk elements whose behavior is closely monitored to ensure their structural functions as they work by transmitting forces and absorbing distortions and rotations of the base structure which has a direct influence on its safety.

Marketing of structural supports in the European Union is regulated by Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. Manufacturers of ther representatives in the UE are  solely responsables for ensuring their products comply with the provisions of the regulation and the harmonized standards, indicating their confirmity with the CE mark. The CE marking for structural bearings is regulated by the Attestation of Conformity (AoC) under system 1 or 3 according to product and use, which requires the intervention of a Notified Body to carry out a factory production control and to classify the product with type testing.


Applus+ is a Notified Body* for the CE marking of structural bearings and we work with manufacturers throughout the entire CE marking process for their product. The harmonized standards for the CE marking concerning structural bearings are as follows:

 EN 1337-3 Structural Bearings. Part 3: Elastomeric bearings
 EN 1337-4 Structural Bearings. Part 4: Roller bearings
 EN 1337-5 Structural Bearings. Part 5: Pot bearings
 EN 1337-6 Structural Bearings. Part 6: Rocker bearings
 EN 1337-7 Structural Bearings. Part 7: Spherical and cylindrical PTFE bearings
 EN 1337-8  Structural Bearings. Part 8: Guided bearings and restrained bearings
 EN 15129 Anti-seismic devices

The CE marking process for structural supports entails a series of tasks to be performed by the manufacturer and others by the Notified Body:

Manufacturer responsibilities:

  • To implant a Factory Production Control (FPC)
  • To establish and complete a monitoring test program according to types, frequencies, etc.

Responsibilities of the Notified Body:

  • To perform type testing such as dynamic fatigue testing, accelerated aging, elongation rupture and creep rupture, etc.
  • To perform Factory Production Control (FPC) initial inspection, assessment and acceptance.
  • To performannual safety and assessment inspections

CE Marking documents:

  • Certificate of constancy of performance (NB in System 1)
  • Test Report (NB in System 3)
  • Declaration of Performance (Manufacturer)
  • CE mark and labeling of the bearing (Manufacturer)

Applus+ have been testing construction products for more than 100 years and have completed thousands of tests and certificates for companies both nationwide and all over Europe.

* Applus+ is the commercial brand of LGAI Technological Center S.A., Notified Body nº 370.


  • One stop shop for the completion of testing and factory production control
  • Improved control over your product and process, thus reducing costs due to low quality.
  • Improved precision and homogeneity in the technical measurement values of your products, clearly transmitted to your customers.
  • Market your product throughout the European Union

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