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As enclosure elements or parts thereof in buildings, glass in building must meet certain requirements of durability and thermal and acoustic comfort that provide optimum conditions for users to go about their daily activities.

Sales of windows and glass enclosures in Europe are regulated by the Construction Products Regulation, which involves CE marking of this product. In Spain, when the window is part of an enclosure system, the Technical Code for Building Construction (CTE) is also applicable, requiring additional features according to its use.

The Applus+ quality mark for windows and enclosures shows that all regulations are fulfilled (CE and CTE), to obtain an excellent product that is perfect for its intended use. Likewise, it includes verification and assessment of all the production inspections, complete characterization of the product and periodic follow-up, enabling manufacturers reliably to inform their customers that the features of their products are adequate and durable, making it easier to advertise and sell their products. Applus+ certification is based on requirements defined with strict technical and market-related criteria by a group of product experts and administrators.

Our solution

Applus+ certification guarantees product use suitability as well as establishing additional quality or excellence requirements for the products. To obtain Applus+ quality certification and right to use the Applus+ mark on their glass or enclosures, manufacturers must perform an initial intensive inspection process, part of which is required in order to apply the CE mark.

Applus+ is EU Notified Body no. 0370 for the Construction Products Regulation. We offer a complete inspection and testing service using our own resources to perform the CE marking and Applus+ certification process for windows and enclosures. The process for obtaining The Applus+ mark includes the following phases and distribution of tasks:

Applus+ tasks as Certifying Body:

  • Initial type tests to characterize the products and evaluate compliance of SPC requirements.
  • Follow-up or contrast tests
  • Initial and follow-up plant production auditing and control
  • Assessment committee to award the Applus+ quality certificate for glass in builiding.

Manufacturer‘s tasks:

  • Self-inspection tests
  • Implementation of plant production control
  • Quality assurance processes maintained over time

The standards set forth in the Specific Certification System (SPC in Spanish) for Applus+ certification of glass in building and shower enclosures are as follows:

 EN 1279-5

Glass in building. Insulating glass units. Evaluation of conformity

 EN 1863-2

Glass in building. Heat strengthened soda lime silicate glass. Evaluation of conformity. Product standard

 EN 12150-2

Glass in building. Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. Evaluation of conformity/Product standard

 EN 14179-2

Glass in building. Heat-soaked thermally-toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. Evaluation of conformity/product standard

 EN 14449

Glass in building. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Evaluation of conformity/product standard

 EN 14428

Shower enclosures. Functional requirements and test methods

Applus+ Quality Mark for glass is recognized by the Ministry of Housing, by the Sub directorate General for Innovation and Quality in Building Construction, and by resolution of the Director General for Agriculture and Housing Policy, making exemption from site inspection possible in certain regions of Spain.

The Applus+ quality mark certifies over 120 manufacturers of UVA glass across Spain, as well as manufacturers of toughened, laminated and heat strengthened glass and enclosures. Applus+ works within both the Spanish and international markets, having wide ranging experience and an excellent reputation, earned by more than 100 years of work in the construction industry.


  • Applus+, one stop shop to carry out product testing, CE marking, Applus+ certification and optimizing the execution time frame for both of these acknowledgments.
  • Transmit the quality of your product with the Applus+ mark.
  • Greater control over your product and your process, reducing non-quality costs.
  • Greater accuracy and uniformity of the technical values of your products for users and project managers.
  • Marketing your product across the European Union.

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