The Applus+ Fire Safety Certification Mark broadens the scope of its accreditation with new product types and new international standards

    The ISO/IEC 17065 (ENAC/ILAC MRA) accreditation increases the prestige and recognition of the Applus+ voluntary certification mark for active and passive fire safety products.
    Applus+ Laboratories, a leading company in the field of testing and certification of fire protection products, has broadened the scope of the ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation for its Applus+ Fire Safety voluntary certification mark.
    The new scope of the accreditation includes a wide range of fire protection products such as enclosures, ventilation and building services, and passive protection products for structural elements. The new accreditation also includes British and American standards to help manufacturers to access global markets.
    A single, trusted and recognised document for fire protection products
    In the context of a fragmented regulatory environment for fire protection products, the Applus+ voluntary mark provides manufacturers with a single document where all the tests which have been carried out are recorded, and which guarantees that an independent third party is monitoring production to ensure that quality is maintained over time.
    This gives all the stakeholders involved in fire safety (manufacturers, importers, government authorities, customs officials, architects, fire consultants, construction managers, insurers) a trustworthy document with information about the fire performance properties of the product, backed by the good reputation which Applus+ has earned during more than 30 years as a fire testing laboratory.