Remote assistance in fire testing: The Applus+ fire laboratory implements Applusetesting to offer their clients the possibility to assist remotely to the testing process


    With this online tool, the laboratory offers its clients a platform to follow the test sample preparation, visualize the tests in real-time, and follow the test data acquisition. 

    The Applusetesting platform is a complete solution developed by Applus+ Laboratories’ experts to offer a remote assistance option to their fire testing services. It has the following benefits:

    • Online multisite access to everyone that plays a part in the test. More than one team or person, located in different sites, can connect at the same time to visualize and monitor the test. 
    • Follow the sample preparation process.
    • See the test live from different angles and scales.
    • Remote management of results and project files. 
    • Access through a secure platform. 


    The fire laboratory at Applus+ has implemented this remote assistance system to offer its clients and experts a practical and efficient way to continue working together.