Applus+ E-testing: Witness Your Structural Tests Remotely


    Many of our clients visit our structural testing facilities in Barcelona to witness their tests and follow them in real-time. In some cases, they even invite their own end clients to witness the testing process with them.

    In 2010, Applus+ released a secure online testing environment called E-Testing that allows you (and your own end clients) to keep track of your tests in real-time, as if you were in the lab. An advanced control panel integrates multiple channel visualization of data streaming to your screen, allowing you to carry out a complete test audit.

    It has already been implemented in several of our materials testing laboratories and will soon be available globally, in every one of our facilities. Version 3 of the tool has been active since January 2020 and can be found here:


    Applus+ E-Testing, a unique remote solution for structural testing witnessing

    There are many reasons that make remote testing beneficial, the most obvious being COVID, which has enormously reduced the possibility of travel.

    Many tests are performed periodically and need to be closely monitored. In those cases where the events that need auditing are unpredictable, the responsibility of monitoring them and keeping the client up to date lies with the Applus+ staff.

    Thanks to E-Testing, clients can keep track of their tests in real-time (for example, when referring to fatigue tests or damage evolution tests) and suggest actions to be carried out should they observe an unexpected occurrence, without having to physically travel to the lab and incur in travel expenses. E-Testing gives different experts the opportunity to access a single test, making it unnecessary to choose between them due to costs or availability.

    Another application for the E-Testing monitoring solution is the possibility to invite a third party to follow the testing process, be it for an external audit or be it the end clients of the product being tested.


    An open window to the lab – Real-time monitoring for efficient decision-making

    Being able to access test data in real-time without having to travel increases the quality of the information given to third parties, without making them wait for preliminary test reports. E-Testing has specific tools for this purpose, such as comparing the behaviour of a testing parameter with a prediction from a simulation or prior analysis. This comparison is carried out in real-time in the layout generated by the E-Testing solution.

    For example, take a look at this material crack propagation test and how this dashboard has been set to display Displacement vs Force (orange lines) and Load Applied vs Time (blue lines).

    The graphs will show if the crack starts to propagate and actions can be taken should the propagation be different from the expected. The test can be stopped to perform an unplanned inspection or it can be of use to report abnormal behaviour before finishing the test and sending the final test report.

    Another example is a long endurance test on additive printed seals, where the test development must be closely monitored (for example, the number of cycles already performed), as well as the behaviour of the testing structure or system.

    This dashboard shows 4 key indicators, as well as the LIVE camera view of the lab and the test being carried out.

    From left to right, the graphs show:

    1. Friction Load vs Time
    2. Friction Load vs Angle of Rotation
    3. Angle of Rotation vs Time
    4. Seal Temperature vs Time

    In this case, an external auditor can assess that the temperature never goes above the maximum permissible for this material.

    The end client of the product and the Applus+ client can follow the test, monitor its progress (total simulated load cycles), and assess if the rubber has deteriorated by studying changes in the coefficient of friction.


    Get direct access to advanced functionalities from your internet browser

    The platform grants secure access to key information of tests carried out at Applus+ Laboratories (video and measurement data) in real-time and all test documents in a repository.

    All this data is accessible through a standard internet browser. No additional applications or plug-ins are required.

    The platform displays data from all the channels registered by the acquisition equipment and can be viewed from all angles and scales thanks to multiple video cameras.

    This information is displayed on a dashboard that can be customized by the client. An unlimited amount of layouts of the dashboard can be created, each one focused on monitoring a specific set of parameters that show different profiles and perspectives of a given structural test (for example, monitoring of the loading area, monitoring the evolution of damage or flaws, etc.). Different users can monitor different aspects of the test and contribute with their expertise remotely and collaboratively.

    Creating customized layouts is a great way to focus on the key data that you want to zone in on.

    Support documentation is also available, such as test procedure explanations, raw post-test results, including photos and video files, and the test results log, to be assessed by the client.


    Client Data Security at its Core

    The Applus+ E-Testing solution is designed with client data security at its core. All data is gathered from acquisition equipment and video cameras connected to the local Applus+ network. It is then transmitted through a data logger connected to a web server located at the Applus Data Center.

    The E-Testing architecture is designed so that the datalogger can access the server but not vice versa (information can only flow one way). This design ensures real-time data flow to be displayed on the server and prevents malicious attackers from accessing the data stored directly in the laboratory. The data is not stored on the server; it is only transmitted, which increases the software’s security twofold.


    Try it out!

    Can’t travel to the lab to conduct the test? Are the costs incurred too high or is traveling just not convenient for you? Want to walk a client or prospect through a complete test audit, from the preparation phase until the results are in?

    Contact us and let the Applus+ Laboratories team of experts handle everything, from setting you up to conducting the test.

    By Alfons Carpio

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