First technical conference for the Applus+ IoT Hub

    Applus+ presented its IoT services Hub and its network of partners for developing reliable and high-quality IoT solutions
    A technical conference about the new Applus+ IoT Hub in Bellaterra (Spain) brought together a large number of manufacturers from various industries, IoT solutions developers, and hardware, engineering and cloud services providers.
    During the conference, Applus+ presented its new IoT Hub, a platform of IoT services aimed at supporting the development of high-quality, reliable IoT solutions. The IoT Hub is a catalyst for the development of complete IoT solutions. For this purpose, the IoT Hub offers Applus+ testing and certification services along with a network of partners specialised indifferent areas of the IoT ecosystem, from hardware to cloud services. Applus+ experts will lead project management, from the development of a proof of concept through to the certification of a functional and reliable solution, ready for market.
    The conference saw presentations from various Applus+ experts who presented the principal IoT connectivity technologies (NB-IOT, LET Cat-M, Sigfox, Lora, Weightless, among others), their use cases and the importance of choosing the technology that best fits the needs of the project.
    Applus+ also presented its program of functional and reliability testing to guarantee the quality of the solution, with the option of including a cybersecurity evaluation, aimed at security critical industrial environment.
    Finally, Applus+ detailed the different certifications to bear in mind, particularly the new Applus+ quality mark “IoT Certified”, a certification mark designed for IoT solutions which takes into account the technology used, the intended use and location and the reliability of the solution.
    The conference also featured participation from some of the IoT Hub partners. Orange Spain presented the LTE Cat-M technology, its solution for massively distributed IoT, prior to the arrival of 5G. Attendees could also visit a showroom where they could get to know the capabilities and solutions that will be available in the IoT Hub, thanks to the presence of its partners such as Nexiona, CTTC, Plain Concepts and Monolitic.