End of transition period for standard EN 16034:2014 for external fire doors and windows


    With effect from 1st November 2019, compliance with this standard covering fire-resisting and smoke-control properties is mandatory.

    The transition period that began on 28th October 2016 came to an end on 1st November 2019. Compliance is now compulsory when it comes to harmonised standard EN 16034:2014: Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows – Product standard, performance characteristics. Fire resisting and/or smoke control characteristics.
    The EN 16034:2014 standard relates to fire-resisting and smoke-control properties and must be implemented in conjunction with the relevant product standard for the purposes of CE marking.
    As of now, standard EN 16034:2014 applies to those products included in the scope of European product standards:

    • EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2106 Windows and doors. Product standard, performance characteristics. Part 1: Windows and external pedestrian doorsets
    • EN 13241:2004+A2:2016 Industrial, commercial, garage doors and gates. Product standard, performance characteristics

    The system in operation for assessing and verifying the constancy of performance for CE marking, as established by this standard with a view to meeting the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation No. 305/2011), is system 1. This involves a Notified Body such as Applus+ Laboratories* issuing a Certificate of Constancy of Performance following type testing (including samples) and a Factory Production Control.
    *Applus+ Laboratories is the trading name for LGAI Technological Center; Notified Body no. 370


    In addition to the Certificate of Constancy of Performance, which is a CE marking requirement, Applus+ Laboratories offers a range of other services to manufacturers and distributors.
    Our network of laboratories can carry out all of the tests necessary to obtain the Certificate of Constancy of Performance.
    The Applus+ Fire Safety mark is a voluntary certification scheme that provides access to many of the Gulf Cooperation Council markets (specifically UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait) and all of the tests involved can be performed in Applus+ laboratories.