Applus+ Laboratories qualifies a new Test Bench to carry out Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (PICCs) testing under the EMVCo Level 1 version 2.6 specification


    With the aim of optimizing services, increasing parallel working capacity, and expanding the capabilities of the laboratory, Applus+ Laboratories has decided to invest in a new tool for carrying out EMVCo Level 1 testing for Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (contactless cards, wearables and similar devices). 

    After the acquisition and qualification of this new Test Bench, Applus+ is expanding their capabilities to carry out PICC functional testing, being able to carry out both the certification process and the debug sessions with newer, more versatile tools.

    The EMV Level 1 specification is aimed at PICC manufacturers, payment systems designers, and teams within financial organizations responsible for implementing banking applications. This specification describes the minimum functionality required to ensure the correct interoperability and functionality of the terminals, independent of the application used.
    Success case during the state of emergency
    Our laboratory in Barcelona (Spain) has achieved the qualification for this new tool in record time, and during the state of emergency period caused by the COVID-19 health crisis.
    Our professionals, strictly following the health regulations, and integrating telecommuting and remote interaction, have carried out this accreditation in record time, thanks to our experts' high level of technical knowledge, and the collaboration with National Instruments, the company providing the test bench.
    The acquisition and qualification of this test tool shows the commitment of Applus+ Laboratories in continuing to invest in the improvement of our services and capabilities.
    Collaboration with National Instruments
    Applus+ Laboratories made the decision to continue trusting NFC and Wireless Charging Group at National Instruments when investing in a new tool to carry out the EMVCo L1 2.6 certification testing. After many years of collaboration, the experts at Applus+ Laboratories have consolidated their testing capabilities with NI equipment, which allows us to expedite the debugging sessions and the functional certification testing.
    About the EMVCo payment scheme
    Nowadays, EMVCo is one of the most important global payment schemes, the development of which has been led by the main companies in the sector (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex, among others). Certifying a product under the EMVCo scheme guarantees its functionality before its release to the market. 
    At Applus+ Laboratories, we have been testing under the EMVCo scheme for more than 15 years, and our teams are experts in the administrative and technical aspects of the certification process. At our international network of IT laboratories, we collaborate with our clients to find the most efficient solution to acquiring their product’s certification and debug processes.