Applus+ Laboratories partners with the Canadian certification body QPS to provide compliance with CB Scheme

    From now on, QPS will be the certification body for the CB test reports issued by Applus+ Laboratories.
    Applus+ Laboratories and QPS have partnered to provide CB scheme compliance services. Henceforth, the Applus+ electrical safety laboratories are changing their certification body to collaborate with QPS.
    Companies can continue to carry out their tests with Applus+ as they have done until now, but their final certificate will be issued by QPS, which is an entity accredited by IECEE for this purpose. The products which have been tested by Applus+ before this change will not be affected as their certificates will continue to have the same validity.
    With this partnership, Applus+ strengthens its compliance and market access services for electrical and electronic products. Applus+ manages compliance programmes with the requirements for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility or radio frequency necessary to access the majority of international markets.

    The CB Scheme: The global certification scheme for electrical safety

    CB is a global certification scheme based on the IEC standards promoted and managed by IECEE. The products certified under this scheme must undergo an electrical safety testing programme to ensure compliance with the IEC standards, as well as any national deviations for the countries where the product is to be marketed. The CB reports are accepted in more than 80 countries (including the USA and Canada), thus facilitating access to the global market.

    QPS, a national certification body for the CB Scheme

    QPS is a nationally and internationally accredited independent testing, inspection and certification body headquartered in Toronto, Canada. QPS is accredited by IECEE as a National Certification Body (NCB) for the CB Scheme. As part of the IECEE programme, the CB certificates issued by QPS are recognised in a large number of countries.