Applus+ Laboratories participates in cybersecurity panel at IoT week in Bilbao

    The talk looked at improving cybersecurity protection for connected devices
    Applus+ Laboratories took part in the IoT Week event in Bilbao, Spain, June 4-8 2018. Business development manager Marco Scamuzzi presented the new Applus+ IoT Lab, an initiative that allows manufacturers and developers to verify the reliability and security of their IoT solutions. 

    Cybersecurity audits and penetration testing for connected devices 

    The Applus+ presentation, IoT Security Challenges in Vertical Sectors, dealt with the cybersecurity challenges of the IoT connected world. Smart homes and cities promise more comfort and safety, but poor cybersecurity could mean risking serious incidents. Connected devices should undergo security audits and penetration tests to help ensure their resilience to attack. With the current lack of industry standards, however, only accredited bodies have the knowledge and experience to develop a certification framework based on meta-schemes, as proposed by the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO). 

    IoT Certified – the voluntary certification scheme for IoT products 

    Building on Applus+ Laboratories’ track record for excellence in wireless and cybersecurity testing and certification, the IoT lab provides a space to prototype and test products before they are deployed. Once an IoT proof of concept is approved in the lab, products can undergo a testing programme to obtain the IoT Certified voluntary certification mark, Applus+ Laboratories’ guarantee of quality for IoT products and solutions.