Applus+ Laboratories obtains the EMV L1 Accreditation for contactless smart cards and mobile phones

    The Applus+ IT Security Laboratory offers complete solutions to certify the functionality and security of contactless cards.
    Barcelona, march 1 2013.– Applus+, a global inspection, testing, certification and quality control company and one of the largest companies worldwide in the conformity assessment industry, has achieved a new accreditation for its IT laboratory, dedicated to security and functionality testing for payment systems such as cards, terminals, and mobile devices.
    The new EMVCo accreditation, which allows Applus+ to perform ‘EMV Level 1 Contactless’ certification, consolidates the company’s commitment to new mobile technologies.
    A complete solution for contactless smart cards
    With this new accreditation, Applus+ offers a complete program to certify the security, as well as the functionality, of contactless smart cards. The EMV level 1 contactless certification is applicable to smart cards and mobile devices. It evaluates equally the digital and analog requirements.
    The analog tests guarantee that the contactless device will function correctly electrically/electronically within the operational radius of the payment terminal. The digital tests examine the communication protocol defined in the device firmware.
    Our commitment to contactless technologies.
    In the last year, Applus+ has made a strategic move to the contactless payment system certification market, whether for smart cards, mobile devices, or terminals.
    The payment systems laboratory at Applus+ is one of the few in the world that has the necessary accreditation to offer the new certifications emerging in the market, such as Global Platform, NFC, EMVCo or VISA.
    In the words of Josep Gil, Director of the Applus+ IT Business Unit, “Our primary goal is to provide solutions that allow our clients to be more competitive, either handset manufacturers or card vendors. We collaborate with them since the initial design phase and during the product development cycle in order to reduce the certification times. In such a dynamic market as mobile devices, where the products’ life cycles can be very short, time is one of the key factors.”
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