Applus+ Laboratories is ready to take off for Paris Air Show 2019

    Applus+ Laboratories will be at Paris Air Show from 17th June 2019 on stand Hall 1, EF321. PAS is the premier aerospace trade show in the world and attended by the leading aerospace manufacturers, service providers and end-clients.
    Applus+ Laboratories is a strategic testing and engineering provider to the aerospace sector, and this year we will bring together key representatives from our network of multi-disciplinary laboratories operating across Europe, the USA and China.
    Now in its 53rd Edition, the event provides a great opportunity to talk us about the requirements for your new projects, and for Applus+ Laboratories to demonstrate how we can partner your aerospace business. Our representatives will also take this opportunity to introduce our new technological capabilities and the recently acquired laboratories A2M Industrie in France and DatapointLabs in the USA.
    Structural Testing: From Coupons to Full-scale Tests
    Applus+ Laboratories boast large and versatile facilities capable of high-load static and fatigue tests up to 15 MN and 25 Hz, and multiaxial static and fatigue tests for up to 1.5 MN on a 12m x 12m strong floor.
    Our services are a benchmark in structural testing and qualified by the major aerospace, helicopter, and aero-engine manufacturers. This has made Applus+ a partner to trust in testing for R&D and certification programmes, and our laboratory can respond flexibly to meet strict aerospace delivery times, combining expertise in international testing programmes with in-house engineering capabilities.
    Materials Testing:  End-to-end Testing Services
    In materials testing, our fully accredited network of laboratories support aerospace companies in their R&D and quality assurance activities for aerospace materials, covering characterization, sample manufacturing and testing, and supported with proprietary digital solutions (Matereality®, TestPaks® and CAETestbench).
    Aerospace Engineering at Applus+ - Bespoke and Turnkey Projects
    The Paris Air Show in 2019 will allow the team from Applus+ Laboratories to meet the key companies who require a multi-technology engineering partner to design and manufacture custom-built test equipment. Our turnkey projects include test bench integration and certification.  
    We can support testing needs across any stage of a programme, from R&D, development, production (FAL, Pre-FAL) and MRO. These deploy our engineering capabilities in mechanics, hydraulics, robotics and electronics to develop customized test rigs, jigs and benches for aerospace applications.