Applus+ Laboratories develops special tooling to test the biggest smoke extraction duct available


    Our experts have designed the tooling needed to test the duct, which has a three-meter section, under the standards of EN 1366-9. 

    The Fire Laboratory at the Applus+ Technological Centre in Bellaterra has carried out the testing for the biggest smoke extraction duct in the market, under the parameters specified in standard EN 1366-9 (single compartment smoke extraction ducts). 

    Our team of experts designed the required tooling to be able to carry out the test, taking into account the specific characteristics of the duct, with a three meters wide single-compartment.

    At Applus+ Laboratories, we possess the recognitions, accreditations, capabilities, and technical expertise to design the specific tooling needed to test the fire resistance of your products, in preparation for their market access. 


    The Fire Laboratory network at Applus+ Laboratories

    Our facilities in Spain (Barcelona, Asturias, and Guadalajara) make up a network of laboratories with expertise in fire resistance and fire reaction testing, in which we have top equipment for the inspection, testing, and certification of products. We have more than 25 years of experience in the fire prevention and protection industry for the construction, automotive, railway, and aerospace sectors, among others.