Applus+ Laboratories develops new synthetic routes for obtaining thiol derivatives

    Applus+ Laboratories has successfully setup a methodology to obtain thiol derivatives for the pharmaceutical sector. In recognition of this achievement, Applus+ Laboratories has been confirmed as a ‘Key Innovator’ by the European Commission for our work as project partners on the EU’s nanoparticle manufacturing initiative.
    Applus+ Laboratories’ new synthetic industrialisation strategy has been developed within the European Nanofacturing R & D project framework, funded by the European Union (H2020). The project aims to create a manufacturing platform which supports the development and production of nanoparticles for medical applications.
    As an expert partner in researching and developing new synthetic routes, Applus+ Laboratories has participated in the project to optimise the synthetic routes for reproduction on an industrial scale, while complying with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical sector.
    Following four years of research and development, Applus + has designed various synthetic routes to obtain bifunctional thiol ligands, and our team have developed specific analytical methods to evaluate the ligands’ quality. Ligands are a key element when investigating nanoparticles because they provide the link between the active pharmaceutical compound and the metallic core.
    In addition, the synthetic strategies designed by Applus+ have the potential to be applied in the development of other thiol derivatives, which have a particular interest for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries among others.
    Applus + Laboratories’ work in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector
    Applus+ collaborates with the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to provide development and optimisation services for chemical processes at an industrial scale, as well as developing and validating analytical methods for quality control. Applus+ Laboratories’ pilot plant and synthetic and analytical laboratories are located in Barcelona (Spain), and our laboratory processes work within the GMP regulatory frameworks required by the pharmaceutical industry.