Applus+ Laboratories at Mobile World Congress 2019

    Connected, secure, reliable, interoperable and compliant with applicable standards. Our testing, evaluation and certification services help companies to access their target markets while assuring the security and quality of their products in a connected environment.
    This coming February, Applus+ Laboratories returns to the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona (Hall 7, Stand 7K39), where it will showcase its testing, evaluation and certification services.
    Applus+ Laboratories helps manufacturers and developers to ensure that their products and services, even when operating in a connected environment, remain secure, reliable, interoperable and in compliance with the standards in force.

    Market access and radio type approval

    To gain access to the majority of markets, wireless products must prove that they comply with local regulations, which usually involves testing and the intervention of a certification body that is officially recognised by the country in question.
    Applus+ Laboratories is an accredited laboratory and certification body in Europe (CE marking), the US (TCB – FCC) and Canada (FCB – ISED). Our experts can coordinate radio type approval programmes to prove conformity in more than 200 countries.

    Testing and certification of IoT solution functionality, reliability and security

    The incorporation of wireless technology in an electronic device offers a wide spectrum of new functionalities. Nevertheless, hand in hand with connectivity come a range of other factors that must be borne in mind. These often go beyond the device itself to encompass the setting in which it will be used and its intended use.
    A product or service’s battery life, receptor sensitivity, coverage, radiation patterns, reliability in critical scenarios and resilience to cyberattacks can all have a serious impact and must be assessed through appropriate testing. Such testing requires specialist equipment and technical know-how. IoT solutions that successfully undergo our quality-assurance testing programme obtain the ‘Applus+ IoT Certified’ mark.

    Cybersecurity evaluations

    Any connected component or device is at risk of being hacked, thereby releasing sensitive data or being manipulated as a trojan horse to hack a more complex system. A cybersecurity evaluation, whether tailormade or part of a recognised certification scheme (such as Common Criteria), provides guarantees regarding the product’s resilience to cyberattacks.