Applus+ Laboratories, European leader in Airbus recognitions for critical-material testing

    These accreditations enable Applus+ to offer the major commercial aircraft builder a complete solution in the field of materials testing.
    BARCELONA, 02 APRIL 2013. - Applus+, a global inspection, testing, certification and quality control company, continues strengthening its position as a strategic supplier for Airbus, the largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world.
    Applus+ Laboratories is currently the company with the most Airbus accreditations in Europe for conducting critical material testing (category 1 tests). Material testing must be conducted to determine the features and behavior of the materials and to ensure that the material already in use in manufactured parts has the required quality.
    These accreditations make it possible for Applus+ to offer a complete solution in the field of material testing, with a special focus on new carbon fiber materials applications for aerospace.  
    Currently, Applus+ is actively participating in the quality control of carbon fiber components for the A350 XWB program, Airbus' upcoming product launch. The Applus+ Laboratories strategy is to continue obtaining accreditations in order to become the worldwide leader in aerospace material testing.
    Applus+ Laboratories has, in addition to various laboratories outside Europe, three facilities dedicated to aerospace material testing in Europe:
    • Bellaterra - Barcelona (Spain): Located in the LGAI Technological Center, where Applus+ has its headquarters, this site specializes in high-load testing for materials qualification.
    • Bremen (Germany): Located in Germany's aeronautic cluster dedicated to material R&D, this laboratory works in close cooperation with Airbus in the research and development of new testing methods for new materials.
    • Illescas (Spain): Situated in the manufacturing cluster for carbon fiber aerospace parts in Spain, this laboratory specializes in composite material quality control testing. Furthermore, it is one of the few laboratories in Europe that also integrates its capacities for developing prototypes with carbon fiber testing coupons.
    Besides our Airbus qualifications, Applus+ material laboratories boasts three Nadcap accreditations, a key requirement for working with different aerospace players such as Rolls-Royce and Safran.
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