Applus+ issues first personal certifications for tunnel control centre-operators in fire safety management

    Cedinsa, Italoiberica, Alvac and Catalonia’s regional government are the first organisations to train and certify their technical personnel in tunnel fire safety through Applus+
    Applus+ has issued its new personal certification in tunnel fire safety management to the the first intake of control-centre operators who successfully passed our mandatory course to obtain this recognition of competence.
    In April at Applus+ TST testing tunnel in Asturias, employees of several companies took part in a two-day course that included a range of exercises involving real fire and smoke drills. Operators were able to experience how flames and smoke evolve from within the tunnel itself, and monitor these from the control room. Operators were also given practical training to extinguish fires.
    Participants are now being assessed by an independent certification committee to check their competencies and performance before issuing a personal accreditation card, valid for ten years with a revision process after five years.
    This inaugural training event involved technical teams from the Spanish and Italian engineering and infrastructure management companies Cedinsa, Italoiberica and Alvac, as well as from the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonia’s regional government).
    Next certification programme to be held in November 2019
    Applus+ TST has already started work on the second edition of this training event, which is scheduled to take place in November 2019. Interested companies and professionals should get in touch to reserve their places. More info.