Development for the approval of the rolltrusion process applied to the manufacture of CFRP aeronautical structural reinforcements. Funded by: CDTI-FEDER.
    The objective of this project is to obtain the Airbus homologation for the industrial application of the CFRP rolltrusion process and have a second technological production alternative required in the current context of high productivity and lower costs.
    This project is the second part of the Rolcomplex project which was realized during 2011. Due to the satisfactory results of the previous project and the interest of Airbus to implement this production process, it has been defined this second phase.  With that, Applus+ will be placed as a benchmark in the international aeronautical sector in the CFRP process and manufacturing of components with high cadence and complex geometries.
    The project has been funded by CDTI and co-founded by FEDER: the operational program “Fondo Tecnológico 2007-2013 por y para el beneficio de las empresas”.