Qualification of insulation materials to engine oil (Aeronautics)
    Nowadays, in-service damages such as impacts during overhaul or external influences, such as exposure to severe environments with chemical agents, thermal loadings or ultraviolet light have to be taken into account for the design of the aeronautical elements. Therefore, knock-down factors have to be determined. This knock—down factors take into account an extensive number of conditions such as loads (both static and cyclic),  temperatures, impact damages or the exposure to aggressive mediums such as engine oils.
    The project objective is to develop a test set-up permitting to expose on the same time the specimen to not only thermal and cyclic mechanical loading, but also to synthetic engine oils atmospheres in order to be afterwards able to quantify how the global interaction of these parameters is, and be able to predict failure of real manufactured parts subjected to “near reality” loading (in terms of loading, temperature and oil exposure) scenarios.
    The project has received Clean Sky JU research funding.