New intelligent system for the processing of microbiological farming methods. Funded by ACC10 CIDEM with FEDER funds
    The objective of the project is to research in electromechanical, vision and artificial intelligence technologies, in order to develop a new intelligent system for processing microbiological cultures.
    The problem to solve is the bottleneck which appears in the microbiological culturing processing methods. These manual processes have a negative impact on the laboratory efficiency and productivity conditions that difficult the integration of the diagnosis with the patient’s history and lengthens the waiting time.
    Applus+ contributes in the evaluation of the information technologies security, the data processing and the EMC testing. Also will evaluate the compliance of microbiological standards, define the certification model and validate the realized tests.
    Sener is the manager of the project, in which Ibermatica and Alma also participate.
    The project has been funded by ACC10 with FEDER funds.