Technological Platform for future subsea observation and intervention. Funded by ACC10 with FEDER funds
    The objective of this project is to develop and build a modern and highly-competitive submersible prototype which employs innovative materials and technologies, environmentally friendly power systems and smart control systems. ICTINEU 3 has been conceived to work in several scientific fields, ready for participating in any exploration and scientific experiment. Besides, within other services, customized immersions will be offered, focused on a touristic sector which requires high-quality alternative activities.
    ICTINEU 3 is the first development of the Company Ictineu Submarins S.L and has been carried out together with Applus+ and ENGI-com in the frame of a collaborative project supported by ACC10 into a Program funded by FEDER. Applus+ contributes with his expertise in certification and advises to specific tests of carbon fibre components, among other building materials which have been used in the submersible, and performing specific tests of several parts of it.