Development of new technologies for the automation of aeronautical assembly processes. Funded by the FEDER-Innterconecta-Andalucía programme.

    The project stems from a thorough analysis of the weaknesses of the aeronautical Assembly process. The low competitiveness of a process characterized by a large number of manual operations, low flexibility or lack of accuracy, make necessary investment in the development of new technologies capable of resolving current problems. In this framework was born DIANNA project aiming to make the technological leap needed to achieve the "Intelligent assembly factory".

    The project is leaded by EADS, and the part of Applus+ is involved the Department of engineering, leading activity C2 "Systems of access to the interior of narrow spaces". Within the framework of this activity includes the study of automation and the appropriateness of alternatives to the ultrasonic inspection techniques. The actions proposed in this activity will be aimed to develop a system robotic that it can operate in different modes depending on the requirements and constraints of each application, whether it is in remote mode, or in "standalone" acquiring limited information from your environment and acting accordingly mode and in real time. Today, is not sold any type of inspection such robot.

    The aid received by Applus+ is in the form of subsidy.This project is funded by the CDTI and help is co-financed by the European Fund of Regional development, operational technology program by and for the benefit of enterprises (Technological Fund) through the program Innterconecta for the autonomous community of Andalusia. The project is also supported by the Ministerio de Economía y Competividad IDEA Agency.