Founded in 2004 as ZYX Metrology, S.A., with a registered office in Ripollet (Spain), Applus+ ZYX became part of Applus+ Group in 2020, specifically as part of the Applus+ Laboratories Division. 

Applus+ ZYX accreditations

We have the acknowledgement from the Spanish Accreditation Agency (ENAC) pursuant to the standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 (CGA-ENAC-LEC). Apart from requiring the laboratory to have a quality management system for its activities in accordance with ISO 9001 principles, such accreditation confirms the technical capacity of the laboratory and guarantees the reliability of test results and calibrations. At present, our laboratory is accredited by ENAC for Standard 94/LC10.065, Calibration.

Applus+ ZYX services

Applus+ ZYX is a calibration laboratory specialised in high-precision tridimensional metrology. It uses state-of-the-art technology to digitise pieces, scan volumes and calibrate equipment.

3D scanning

Applus+ ZYX 3D contact and contactless scanning equipment allows us to offer:

  • Digitisation. 3D digitisation allows us to turn a real piece or structure into a virtual one.
  • Reverse engineering of pieces. 3D scanning allows us to know the structural composition of pieces and how they are assembled without subjecting the product to disassembly or physical manipulation.

High-precision laser scanning of large volumes

Our Applus+ ZYX experts are also able to scan large volumes, which is useful to obtain:

  • Volumetric certificate
  • Structural certificate
  • Soil analysis
  • Colour mapping
  • Metrologic analysis


We calibrate coordinate-measuring machines (CMM) and offer maintenance technical services.

In addition, thanks to the Retrofit service provided by Applus+ ZYX, we can upgrade both measurement machine hardware and software.

Metrology services

Applus+ ZYX has a metrology laboratory with contact, scanning and vision equipment. At our premises, we calibrate and certify tooling to verify production quality. We also measure and maintain them to produce without deviations and in an effective and productive manner.

We are also partners with POLYWORKS, the best metrology software in the market, and offer PC-Dmis, Metrolog, Calypso and Cam2 courses, among others. Theoretic and practical training may refer to software or hardware and allows learning how to use metrology equipment and get the best of it.

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