Applus+ A2MI (A2M Industries, S.A.S) was founded in Fraisses (St. Etienne), France, in 1994 and forms part of Applus+ Laboratories since 2019.

As an accredited and independent laboratory for materials testing, Applus+ A2MI serves the needs of diverse national and international clients in the aerospace, nuclear, materials and petrochemical industries.

Applus+ A2MI Accreditations

Applus+ A2MI counts with the following accreditations:

  • ISO 17025 accredited by COFRAC for mechanical, chemical and metallographic testing
  • SAFRAN accredited
  • NADCAP accreditation for the aerospace industry

Applus+ A2MI Services

Focused on materials testing, Applus+ A2MI is an accredited metallurgical testing laboratory that supports customers through the following service offer:

Mechanical tests

Applus+ A2MI offers the following destructive tests to ensure the quality and characteristics of raw materials, components, machinery, and equipment:

  • Macro and micro hardness tests
  • Tensile tests, controlled in strain or stress at constant or variable speeds
  • Complementary resilience tests to measure fracture resistance
  • Fatigue tests: tension-compression, creep, and fracture testing

Metallographic analysis 

Aimed at testing the structural properties of materials, Applus+ A2MI offers extensive metallography services. Equipped with binocular microscopes  and optical digital and electron scanning microscopes, its experts can conduct advanced analysis thanks to its cutting-edge equipment and internal cutting capabilities for weld analysis.

Machining workshop

Backed up by its experts in sampling preparation and its extensive pool of machines, Applus+ A2MI offers a complete machining and sampling workshop. Its pool of machines include: Output, wire spark erosion, turning, digitally controlled lathes, milling, polishers and grinders. Additionally its laser sample marking system and equipment guarantees full sample traceability.

Chemical analysis

To ensure the maximum efficiency of metallurgical tests, lab experts accurately assess the composition of metals and alloys through a spark spectrometer. Among the bases analysed: iron, nickel, aluminium, copper, cobalt and titanium. Gas analysis is algo conducted for nitrogen, hydrogen and subcontracted oxygen.

Customised tests to aid mechanical testing 

From the definition of the specifications to the complete performance of the tests, Applus+ A2MI supports manufacturers throughout the different stages of testing machinery design and manufacturing. This includes:

  • Follow-up and training for teams to thoroughly understand obtained results
  • Test bench development. From design to manufacturing and instrumentation according to specifications
  • Characteristic measurements for deformation, strength, displacement, temperature and pressure

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