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Applus+ Laboratories invests strategically in R&D+I projects to promote future technologies and acquire the necessary know-how to adapt our service offering to each sector's needs. To do so, we lead and collaborate in national and international R&D+I projects.

We collaborate with industry as a technology partner in its processes of innovation, providing our expertise at each value-chain stages in the development of a new product or process.


    Forming and Modular Integration of Thermoplastics

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    Developing new processes for continuous forming of stacks of new composite materials made from dry fibers in order to obtain complex preforms

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  • COFRARE 2.0

    Out of autoclave processes development for composite frames manufacturing with high production rate and low cost

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    Improvement of the precision in the validation and verification of aeronautic structures

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    The development of medium- and large-scale sustainable manufacturing-process platforms for clinically compliant solid core nanopharmaceuticals.

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    Unmanned Systems Oriented to Null Environmental Impact. This project has been funded by the CDTI – CENIT Programme.

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    New paint and coating formulas with high anti-adherence properties for automobile's outer parts. Funded by ACC10 with FEDER funds.

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    New intelligent system for the processing of microbiological farming methods. Funded by ACC10 CIDEM with FEDER funds

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    Technological Platform for future subsea observation and intervention. Funded by ACC10 with FEDER funds

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    Qualification of insulation materials to engine oil (Aeronautics)

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    Development for the approval of the rolltrusion process applied to the manufacture of CFRP aeronautical structural reinforcements. Funded by: CDTI-FEDER.

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    Development of a safe, contact-free, high resolution, and potentially on-site NDT tool, based on terahertz (THz) waves, which will be easy to integrate into industrial facilities. Funded by the European Commission.

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    Development, categorisation and certification of a wireless communications systems based on Near Field Communications technologies (NFC). Funded by MINECO-INNPACTO.

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    Development of new technologies for the automation of aeronautical assembly processes. Funded by the FEDER-Innterconecta-Andalucía programme.

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    Research and development of the rolltrusion process for the manufacturing of CFRP aeronautical structural parts. Funded by CDTI-FEDER.

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    Development of advanced composite components using 3D woven preforms for aircraft structures.

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    Research on compound hybrid materials with adaptative features for application inside different forms of transport. Funded by MICINN (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) with FEDER funds.

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    Processing conditions for composite materials used in the repair of aircraft structures in service. Funded by MINECO (Ministerio de Economía y Competividad) as part of the INNCORPORA-TU programme, co-funded with FSE funds.

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2017 Visa Excellence Award 2017 | Applus+ Laboratories
Applus+ wins 2017 Visa Excellence award

Payment scheme recognizes excellence in Applus+ service and technical contributions

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Success Stories

Common Criteria EAL 5+ Security Evaluation of the Secure Memory TrustME
Common Criteria Certification of TrustME™, a Secure Memory developed by Winbond

Winbond trusted Applus+ Laboratories to conduct an EAL 5+ Common Criteria Security Evaluation of TrustME™.

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