As a Notified Body, Applus+ certifies the conformity of wireless products with the essential requirements of the RED Directive.

Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU came into force on 13th June 2016, replacing the R&TTE Directive 1999/05/CE. To ensure a smooth transition, a year-long period was delineated during which both directives would apply. However, as of 13th June 2017, all wireless devices must comply with the requirements of the RED Directive. Applus+ Laboratories (LGAI Technological Center S.A.) is Notified Body nº 0370 for the RED Directive.
Scope of Directive 2014/53/EU
The new Directive was developed to regulate the market access and launch of the growing number of interconnected electrical and electronic products making use of the radio spectrum. The Directive’s requirements apply to all devices that intentionally transmit or receive radio waves (with a few exceptions, including radio equipment for naval vessels, public-safety and government equipment, and some aeronautical devices). It should be noted that the RED covers products that did not fall within the scope of the R&TTE Directive, such as all types of radio receivers and equipment operating below 9 KHz.
Assessing compliance with the RED Directive
There are three ways in which manufacturers and importers can ensure that a product or product range complies with the key requirements of the Directive. Two of these require the intervention of a Notified Body.
  • Module A – Internal production control
    The manufacturer is responsible for drawing up the technical documentation (which must include proof of conformity testing to the relevant product standards), carrying out an internal production control and issuing a declaration of conformity.
    This module is only available where products have been tested, completely, to Harmonised Standards.
  • Modules B + C – EU-type examination (B) and Conformity to type based on internal production control (C)
    These modules make the same demands on the manufacturer as module A, but a Notified Body is required (for module B) to examine the resulting technical documentation and to issue an EU-type examination certificate for the product in question.
    The use of these modules is mandatory for the introduction into the EU market of any product that has not been tested, completely, to Harmonised Standards. They can also be used, on a voluntary basis, for products that have been tested to Harmonised Standards. Either way, they may only be used for the conformity assessment of a product type.
  • Module H – Full quality assurance
    The manufacturer implements and manages a quality system encompassing radio equipment design, testing and manufacturing processes, which is subsequently assessed, certified and monitored by a Notified Body through periodic audits of the manufacturing plant. 
    This module permits the conformity testing of a whole range of products, even of several different product ranges, and also allows the Notified Body number to be shown alongside the product’s CE Marking.
Applus+ services
  • Assessment of conformity with Modules B and H of the RED and the issuing of all relevant reports
  • Notified Body certification for Module B (EU-type examination) and Module H
  • Provision of regular and systematic updates regarding legislative changes at a European level that could affect the radio equipment types or families assessed