Calibration of measuring arms under the new ISO 10360-12 standard


    After testing their equipment under ISO10360-12, our customers will be able to guarantee maximum accuracy in their measurements. 

    Until recently, measuring arms did not have a standardized norm, so it could not be known for sure if the measurements extracted with the equipment were correct or not. 

    Applus+ Laboratories always strives for the highest quality services, and we have therefore always all the necessary tests under ISO 10360-12 (Acceptance and Re-Verification Tests for Coordinate Measuring Machines), but also additional articulation and scanning light tests.

    Our end customers are demanding higher and higher quality from us each time, so we must avoid mistakes, and, in doing so, we reduce costs. Metrology is an important part of the testing process, and it is advisable to calibrate measuring arms at least once a year to ensure that the targets set are met. 

    Thanks to the new ISO 10360-12, companies can ensure that all measurements taken with certified measuring arms are accurate. Arm certification can be performed either at Applus+ Laboratories' facilities or on-site at the customer's premises.

    The different tests performed are as follows:

    1. Verification of probing errors with standard sphere (PSize, PForm)

      Two probing tests are performed on a sphere, at two positions or locations within the measuring volume of the arm.

    2. Local location error (LDia)

      This consists of palpating the surface of a sphere, and, in 2 positions or locations, measuring with five orthogonal point orientations articulated from the wrist. The tested sphere is palpated at 5 points and the location of the centre is calculated, which ideally should have the same coordinates.


    3. Errors in Length Measurements (EUni)

      Measurement of 5 length points at 7 positions are collected. All these readings are collected 3 times to verify their accuracy. This is the longest test and the one that collects the most data as a total of 105 measurements are obtained. 

    4. Annex D of ISO 10360-12 - Single Point Articulation (Moving Arm) (SPAT)

      With the probe still, a measurement is taken, but with the arm moving from left to right. 

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