Applus+ TST successfully tests axial fans for tunnels at 600 ºC over two hours


    The test was livestreamed for the inspectors and managers of the project where the fans will be installed, in Warsaw.

    In September, Applus+ TST announced the improvement of its facilities to offer clients more capabilities and versatilities in their testing services. Among the improvements, there was the installation of equipment that would allow the testing areas to reach 600 ºC and be able to maintain that temperature over a prolonged amount of time.

    Zitrón has been one of the companies that took advantage of the new capabilities of the Applus+ TST laboratory, being able to test one of their axial fan system for tunnels, a model that will be installed in a new project in Poland. The test was carried out under the EN 12101-3 requirements, with strict controls over the temperature of the testing area. The model was able to maintain correct functions when the testing process achieved a temperature of 600 ºC for a period of two hours.

    About Applus+ TST

    The Applus+ TST high-temperature fan laboratory is ENAC-accredited to the UNE-EN 17025 standard for testing of smoke-extraction ventilators in accordance with Annex C of the UNE-EN 12101-3:2016 standard.

    The Applus+ TST facility is equipped with two test benches for high-temperature fans, an immersion furnace for small and medium fans, and a recirculation furnace capable of testing fans of up to 3.5 meters across.

    Applus+ TST is a reference laboratory for the ventilation industry and provides service to its key manufacturers.