The commercialization of telecom and radio equipment in Taiwan may consist of the following Approvals depending on product characteristics and HS Code:



Summary of Taiwan NCC Type Approval certification process

The National Communications Commission (NCC) is an independent Taiwanese Statutory agency created for the purpose of regulating information, communications standards, licensing, radio frequency, spectrum and broadcasting.

NCC regulation stipulates that radio transmission and telecom equipment must get NCC Radio Type Approval in order to be marketed in Taiwan. NCC is responsible for Taiwan’s radio frequency management and requires mandatory testing either through local recognised laboratories or through foreign laboratories recognized by NCC (MRA Countries only). It is advisable to perform testing through a locally recognised laboratory as it will significantly simplify the process.

For the NCC, a local representative is not required since recognised laboratories can provide test reports and other technical documentation to Taiwanese Certification Bodies in order to issue the certificate and identification number to properly mark the product. It is important to note that the NCC Certificate is indefinitely valid.

NCC Product Marking 

Product marking is required in order to prove compliance with National Standards. The label must be at least 15mm long. There are no specific colour requirements. NCC requirements for labelling are as follows:

Summary of Taiwan BSMI Type Approval certification process

BSMI is a conformity assessment system that also serves as an electrical and electronic safety mark. The BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection) is the agency responsible for standardization, metrology and product inspection in Taiwan. BSMI determines technical standards that must be complied with in order to get product safety approval and the products for which BSMI is mandatory in order to be marketed in Taiwan.

For BSMI, either one of the following schemes can be applied for, depending on the type of product that is intended to be marketed in Taiwan. The CCC/HS Code will determine which route is applicable:

  • Declaration of Conformity scheme
  • Registration of Product Certification (RPC) 

The RPC Certificate has a 3-year validity period. Local Suppliers who wish to continue supplying the product may apply for re-certification via the Designated Commodity Certification Bodies. DoC is indefinitely valid.

According to the Official BSMI Taiwan Commodity Inspection Document, Local Suppliers are responsible for registering each model of regulated commodities with the Competent Authority (BSMI). 

The Applicable Standards for Testing in order to ensure compliance with Taiwan Requirements are expressed in the CNS form and are listed in the Product Scope for each equipment classification.

BSMI Product marking

RPC Marking must include a product certification identification number (which will be issued in the certificate) made up of 6 digits. The very first digit must be an R, which implies RPC, or a D, which implies declaration as shown below:
R 3 A 001 (3 A 001 correspond to the applicant’s identification code).



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