Philippines’s Radio Type Approval consists of certification by the NTC (Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission). The NTC is the government agency responsible for the supervision, adjudication, and control over telecommunications products and services all over the Philippines. There are two ways to obtain approval: NTC Type Approval and NTC Type Acceptance.




Summary of NTC Type Approval certification process 

NTC Type Approval certification is applicable to all Customer Premises Equipment that is physically located on the customer’s premises intended to connect to the public telecommunications network. Telephone handsets, DSL and satellite television set top boxes are examples of products under this scheme.

The following steps must be performed in order to obtain the NTC Type Approval certificate of homologation:
1.    Letter of Authorization signed by the manufacturer
2.    Issuance of Local Supplier accreditation to the NTC
3.    Sample shipment to an NTC accredited lab
4.    In-country Type testing by an NTC accredited laboratory (RF/EMC/Safety…)
5.    Documentation issuance to NTC
6.    NTC review and assessment of the technical documentation and test reports issued by the supplier for further process approval
7.    NTC Type Approval Certificate issuance
8.    NTC Type Approval Product Marking

NTC Type Approval Step by Step Process


Summary of NTC Type Acceptance process

All RCE (Radio Communications Equipment) products not connected to the public network nor under the scope of Type Approval, are subject to mandatory Type Acceptance certification. RCE are devices that emit radio frequency waves, signals, transmissions, messages…i.e. Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth communication.

This Type Acceptance scheme can take advantage of the CE or FCC Testing activity, therefore in-country testing activities can be avoided if an accredited test report is available.

NTC Type Acceptance Step by Step Process


NTC Product Marking

After the NTC grants the Certificate, the product must be marked with NTC’s official label, which will contain the type of equipment to be specified as well as a specific identification number for the equipment.


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