Since Belarus is a Member of the Custom Union (CU), it is subject to all the horizontal CU regulations like EAC. For the areas where no unified CU/EAEU technical regulations exist, Belarus has its own national requirements. Belarus enforced updated radio/telecom requirements on 01.01.2019, with the new Radio/Telecom Technical Regulation TR 2018/024/BY (BY TR Approval).


Summary of Belarus BY TR Type Approval certification process

BY TR approval is mandatory for telecom and radio products that are marketed in Belarus. The national authority in charge of radio and telecom affairs in Belarus is The Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus. BY TR Type Approval is regulated under the Belarus National Radio/Telecom Technical Regulation TR 2018/024/BY. 

Conformity approval is performed in form of Certification (BY TR CoC) or Declaration (BY TR DoC). Specific lists of products which are subject to Certification or Declaration procedures are provided in the Annexes 1 and 2 respectively of TR/2018/024/BY. Local testing in Belarus is required both for Certification and Declaration. The main difference of TR/2018/024/BY from previous requirements (Resolution 849/2016) is that it involves mandatory marking (TP BY) and mandatory in-country testing. Only a Belarusian accredited Certification Body can issue certificates and register declarations.

It is the manufacturers (native or foreign) that must apply for Belarusian Radio/Telecom Certification (BY TR CoC). A local representative is not required for Certification, but is required in the case of Declaration (BY TR DoC). It is allowed to receive a certificate instead of a declaration; in which case a local representative would not be needed.
Normally one normal sample is required for the BY TR CoC / DoC. However, the final decision is made by the Certification Body and the accredited testing laboratory.
The validity for the BY TR CoC / DoC is 5 years. Certificates are valid for 5 years, and surveillance is to be performed in order to maintain validity of the certificate. It is performed 2 times during the 5 year validity period, with the first surveillance performed no earlier than 18 months from the certificate’s issue date. The surveillance is performed via factory inspection and/or sample testing.

Radio and Telecom Business Law Type Approval Step by Step Process

The following steps must be performed in order to obtain the Radio Law Approval.



Product marking

Products to be approved in accordance with the TR/2018/024/BY need to be marked with the TP BY mark. The TP BY conformity mark is put directly on the products, near the manufacturer information. As a rule, it must be on its non-removable parts, and must also be provided in the accompanying operational documents.

If it is impossible to affix the conformity mark directly to the product (due to the size or the type of the product), it is permitted to affix the TP BY mark to the packaging and provide it in the enclosed operational documents. If a product does not have a package, the conformity mark must be provided in the enclosed operational documents

The TP BY conformity mark is formed of the letters “T” and “P”, symbolizing the first letters of the Belarusian phrase translated as “Technical Regulation”. They are placed in a round-cornered frame that is broken by letters “BY”, which symbolize “Belarus”. In the following figure, “a” is the minimum measurement unit of the reference grid. Minimum size “H” must be at least 5 mm. 


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