There is one approval scheme in Argentina:

This approval is mandatory for telecom and radio transmitting products that are commercialized in Argentina. 

Summary of ENACOM Radio Type Approval process

Radio frequency transmitting products that make use of the radio spectrum or connect to the public network, that are intended to be marketed in Argentina are subject to a mandatory approval process issued by the Ente Nacional De Telecomunicaciones (ENACOM).

In order to get Type Approval Certification in Argentina, it is mandatory to perform testing via an ENACOM Accredited Laboratory; therefore in-country testing is required according to local technical regulations, meaning that manufacturers cannot take advantage of the already performed 2014/53/EU or FCC test activity. 

Once Type testing has been successfully performed, an Argentinian supplier will need to apply for ENACOM certification approval, since foreign applicants are not allowed. This application is performed over an official online platform called HERTZ, and will be taken care by ENACOM. The validity of the certificate is three years.

ENACOM Product Marking

Once the certificate has been issued to a Local Supplier, a specific RAMATEL ID will be issued as well. This ID must be affixed right under the RAMATEL Regulatory Identification (Resolution 854 RAMATEL 2020) Logo, which can be formed by different variations. The only case in which the ID Number can be affixed at the right side of the label is if the chosen label is the horizontal or the basic. The different variations for RAMATEL labelling are the following:

The Regulatory Identification (RAMATEL Logo) must be in Montserrat Font. The RAMATEL ID Number must be in Arial Font. The minimum height for the ID Number shall be of 5 points. The measurements for the chosen RAMATEL label variations shall be the following:

Given the case that such measurements cannot be complied with, the proportions must be maintained. If labelling cannot be affixed to the equipment, it must be included on the user’s manual as well as on the equipment's packaging. 

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