At Applus+, we manage the type approval of radio equipment in order to help our clients access the world’s markets.

Ensuring that radio products meet international standards requires coordinating a multitude of testing and certification processes involving a range of parties. Applus+ regulatory experts are on hand to guide clients through the entire process, including identifying the regulatory requirements in force in each target market (CE, FCC, KC, etc.).
Applus+ runs global conformity programmes for radio devices. To do so, we draw on our status as a recognised regulatory body for some of the world’s key markets as well as on our agreements with other laboratories and certification bodies that are accredited to assess conformity in other countries.
Applus+ recognitions and accreditations as a certification body for radio products:

Notified Body (NB) for CE marking under RED Directive (Europe)

Applus+ Laboratories is a notified body (no. 0370) for carrying out the conformity assessments required for the CE marking of radio products (modules B and C and module H) with a view to these products gaining access to the EU market.

Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) for FCC certification (US)

Applus+ Laboratories is a designated TCB for the FCC certification and registration of unlicensed radio devices, including those falling within Scope A (A1, A2 and A4). 

Foreign Certification Body (FCB) for IC /ISED (Canada)

Applus+ Laboratories is an accredited FCB (CAB Number ES0001) for the IC /ISED certification and registration of radio products, including those falling within Scope 1 (licence-exempt radio frequency devices).

Applus+ manages radio type approval for all the main global markets

 Certificaciones internacinoales para productos radioeléctricos


Canada - IC
Brazil - Anatel
Mexico - IFT

Europe & Middle East

Russia - EAC

Asia Pacific

Japan - MIC
South Korea - KC
China - SRRC
Australia & NZ - C-Tick name but a few