Ensure the quality of your products and merchandise using controls from the time the raw materials are received until the product is loaded in a container.





A key element of international trade operations is the proper quality control of production and logistics processes, as this allows companies to save on all the costs associated with non-quality products.

Quality control at the source drastically lowers the risks undertaken by companies that manufacture and/or import products from other countries.

Our solution

Applus+ offers a comprehensive imports quality management service. In the production country, we verify that the products comply with the client-defined specifications, conducting an inspection plan tailored to your product's characteristics and your organization's needs. 

Our service covers:

  • Supplier selection and audit
  • Implementation or supervision of production line testing
  • Merchandise packaging process control
  • Loading supervision
  • Pre-shipment inspections
  • Comprehensive outsourcing of your factory's or supplier's quality control

We establish an optimum communication flow for each project, that keeps you informed on a regular basis, identifying and documenting any incident.


  • Decrease risks resulting from non-quality
  • Improve management and profitability of purchases
  • Optimize the quality of your supply chain
  • Protect your brand's reputation and image