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Energy & Industry Division
Industrial and environmental inspection, vendor inspection, technical assistance, non-destructive testing (NDT) and technical staffing for all type of industries.
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Laboratories Division
Multidisciplinary laboratories.Testing and engineering for product development. Conformity testing and product certification. SYSTEMS CERTIFICATION.
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Automotive Division
Statutory vehicle inspection services and emission & gas testing solutions worldwide.
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IDIADA Division
Design, engineering, testing and homologation services for the automotive industry worldwide.
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Certify your product's differential qualities and benefits, position it in the market, and associate it with the Applus+ mark.
In highly competitive markets, product differentiation is a key element of the purchase decision. Voluntary certifications allow you to highlight your product's benefits and qualities, enabling you to better communicate with your client under the certifying brand's quality warranty.
Our solution
We have developed a voluntary certification service under the Applus+ brand with which your company can guarantee and communicate your product's differential benefits to the final consumer. This voluntary certification is based on a Specific Certification System (SCS) and ends with placing the Applus+ mark on each of your products.
The Applus+ mark guarantees the client the product's qualities and added value, such as raw materials, manufacturing process, functionality, and characteristics, among other things.
There are two types of Applus+ product certification:
  • Personalized certification of your product
  • Applus+ certifications already defined by product category: recognized by the industry and the industry's users, and in some cases by the government 
Our service includes:
  • Definition of a Specific Certification System, performed by a panel of experts, on which the certification is to be based:
    • The product's specifications
    • The applicable regulation
    • The production technology
    • The control program
  • Certification process
    • On-site audit of the various operators
    • Traceability throughout the process
    • Good manufacturing practices
    • Legal prerequisites
    • Product characteristics as defined
    • Sampling and analysis to verify the product's characteristics
    • Certification commission
    • Issuance of certificate and awarding of the Applus+ brand
    • Regular monitoring with control tests and audits to ensure that quality is maintained over time.
Applus+ has certified thousands of products from various sectors, as a brand that offers contrasted quality and is recognized in over 65 countries: 
  • Construction materials and basic products (self-leveling materials, dry concrete, concrete blocks and tiles, waterproofing and insulating materials, sealants and other construction products).
  • Industrial products for construction: glazing, doors, windows, hardware, shower enclosures, pipes and ducks, and other building enclosure systems.
  • Compliance with Factory Production Control (construction products under certification systems 3 and 4)
  • Fire and intrusion security systems
  • Applus+ mark for installation and maintenance companies
  • IoT Solutions
  • Consumer products
  • Electro medical products
  • Products and substance for the treatment of water or in contact with water
  • Enhance the market image of the product.
  • Identify the product's specific qualities and the possibility of communicating them to the market.
  • Greater control over your product and production process.
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