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Applus+ quality mark for Concrete

Applus+ brand: the best quality guarantee on the market for your concrete

Concrete, with its many technical features, is considered a primary construction product, being used for many purposes, particularly for structural functions. In Spain specific regulations are applicable (EH, Technical Code for Construction, environmental regulations, etc.) according to the use of the concrete, requiring users to carry out numerous quality inspections during the construction process in order to guarantee its safety. According to the new EH Concrete Instruction, producers can obtain voluntary concrete certification, recognized by the Spanish Administration, such as that provided by Applus+. This is a distinctive element for the product, offering great advantages for its users. Among these advantages is the possibility of conducting fewer on-site inspections and reducing safety coefficients when dimensioning the product. These arguments carry considerable weight when marketing your product and in the quality transmitted, which producers will pass on to their customers.

Applus+ concrete certification includes the verification and assessment of all production controls according to use; product characterization, testing and follow-up processes the concrete must undergo during the production stages. Applus+ certification is based on requirements defined with strict technical and market-related criteria by a group of product experts and government officials.

Our Solution

Applus+ certification guarantees the quality of the product and, above all, its suitability for use, providing excellence requirements for the product. To obtain Applus+ concrete certification and the right to use our Applus+ quality mark, manufacturers must perform a process that includes the following phases and distribution of tasks:

Manufacturer‘s tasks:

  • Self-inspection testing (intensive inspection during the initial phase)
  • Contrast testing
  • Implementation of plant production control
  • Implementing a quality system
  • Quality assurance processes maintained over time

Applus+ tasks as Certifying Body:

  • Initial type test for product characterization and assessment of the fulfillment of SPC requirements (compression strength, consistency, water penetration depth, composition, etc.)
  • Follow-up or contrast testing
  • Market control with assessment of samples taken from the market
  • Statistical study of results to guarantee consumer risks
  • Initial and follow-up plant production control inspections
  • Initial and follow-up audits of the quality system
  • Assessment committee to award the Applus+ concrete quality certificate

Applus+ certification of concrete is regulated by Spanish Royal Decree 1247/2008 of 18 July, approving the new structural concrete instruction: EH 2008.

Applus+ has over 100 years of experience working throughout the construction industry. We perform certification processes and thousands of tests on multiple products for Spanish and European companies.


  • The producer's customer does not need to carry out any on-site control testing.
  • Reduced safety coefficients when dimensioning the structure.
  • Concrete with more specific, uniform, controlled technical values, using the Applus+ mark as a distinctive quality element to be transmitted to your customers.
  • One stop shop to perform to perform product testing and control audits.
  • Increased product safety above regulatory limits.
Applus+ quality mark for Concrete | Applus+ Laboratories
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