Composite Manufacturing Solutions

Challenge: Forming processes for carbon-fibre stringers with complex contours

  • Stringers are widely used (4 to 6 km) in aeroplane structures to provide stiffness to the panels. In wings and certain areas, stringers must follow complex contours.
  • Current technologies have low productivity and are unable to form contoured stringers without wrinkles.
  • There is a need for a high productivity, automated system able to make different types of straight and contoured stringers.


The revolution in stringer manufacturing

Applus+ has developed a new stringer manufacturing process to provide a versatile, high-productivity and low-investment forming solution that overcomes the major drawbacks of existing forming technologies.

 Forming Technologies Comparison


A+ Glide Forming Benefits

Better Quality

  • No wrinkles

High Flexibility

  • One single machine for different stringers: Ω, T, U
  • Only a new male tool is needed to manufacture an additional stringer

Cost Saving

  • OPEX: highly automated, low labor cost
  • CAPEX: only one machine, very simple tools

Environmentally friendly

  • Local heating: no heating tools, energy saving compared to current technologies
  • Less scrap material
Contoured formed L and Ω