Automated NDT Equipment

NDT Equipment Engineering

State-of-the-art customized automated NDT machines: robotic systems, gantry systems, immersion tanks.
  • High accuracy machinery capable of inspecting large and complex components.
  • Up to 32-axis in synchronized motion working in a single coordinate system.
  • Multiple inspection technologies: conventional ultrasonics, phased array, thermographic and digital x-ray inspections

Optional Systems & Accessories

  • Turntables
  • Part Scanning Fixtures
  • Transport & Storage tools

Unique Software & Interface

  • Scan Configuration: Fast teaching tools, CATIA Import, Fully integrated motion control, Multiple Ultrasonic parameters inspection, 8 Oscilloscope data collection screens
  • Scan Results: Real time data, Multiple data set screen representations, Evaluation tools (defects characterization)

NDT Machines Co-location

  • Co-location of machines and inspectors in customer facilities to conduct customized NDT programs.
  • NDT certification, qualification and maintenance programs