At Applus+ Laboratories, we dedicate our knowledge and experience in testing, engineering and certification, as well as our technological capabilities, to adding value to our clients' products. We foster innovation and competitiveness in companies, improving the safety, quality and performance of their products, speeding up their development time and opening the doors to the global market.

At Applus+ Laboratories, you will be able to pursue a professional career, working with international teams and leading technologies. You will be involved in challenging and innovative projects for a wide range of clients in sectors as diverse as aerospace, ICT, power and renewable energies, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical, consumer goods, agriculture and food, and construction. 

Our teams need young people who want to pursue a career and experts who want to join Applus+. Engineers and technicians passionate about their field of knowledge, market orientated, and wanting to take on new professional challenges.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to work for a leading company?