Soil analysis

Determine the characteristics of soil to improve production and crop quality.

For companies in the agrarian sector, public agencies and research centers, soil knowledge is essential for decision making regarding land management, cost optimization and improved production quality.

Soil analysis identifies the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil and provides the necessary information to optimize fertilization, improve soil management and ensure compliance with agricultural and environmental regulations.

Our solution 

Applus+ offers soil physical and chemical analysis services for the agronomic and environmental sectors which include:

  • Test plan definition
  • Sampling
  • Analytical testing
  • Result interpretation
  • Soil condition diagnosis
  • Fertilizer management plan preparation
  • Studies and reports on the soil

Our laboratories perform the following tests:

  • Physical and chemical parameter analysis
  • Soil fertility analysis
  • Heavy metals analysis
  • Nutritional content analysis (macro and micronutrients)

We have specialized agricultural and environmental laboratories and apply processes and technology aimed at optimizing our response times.

We have been working with the agri-environmental sector for over 20 years and are a referral center for the industry, operating for public and private entities.


  • Applus+, one stop shop to perform all of your analytical soil testing needs
  • Optimeze fertilization costs 
  • Ensure compliance with the applicable national and international regulations
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