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Manufacturing of Specimens and Prototype Components in CFRP

Development of technology demonstrators, prototype components, dummies and small series in CFRP for product testing and validation processes.

The validation process of a new component may require the manufacturing of prototype parts. Due to demanding deadlines, OEMs need test partners that are capable of developing and manufacturing the test piece specimens.

 Our solution

Applus+ Laboratories offers a global solution for the manufacture of prototype samples and components in CFRP for physical-chemical characterization tests and final piece functional tests.

We manufacture using injection molding (RTM, VARTM) and hot forming (pressforming, rolltrushion) processes, among others.

Our services include:
  • Product research (requirements and functionality)
  • Development of manufacturing methods for prototype components
  • Manufacturing of technology demonstrators for processes and products
  • Manufacturing of small series using prototype production methods
  • Process and product technical specifications design
  • Manufacturing of dummies using prototype production methods.

We have a composite material manufacturing laboratory and a technical development office, where we design and configure test benches for specific component processes.

To validate new processes, our engineers develop prototype pre-industrialization benches to manufacture pre-series components.

Applus+ Laboratories takes part in R&D programs and works according to the client's specifications to develop new products, especially for the aeronautics industry.


  • Have a team of experts in composite materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Speed up component development and testing in CFRP
  • Have a single partner for testing and manufacturing the test specimens in CFRP
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