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Certifications for international markets

Gain access to your target markets for your products and goods.

To market their products in international markets, companies need to overcome different technical and commercial obstacles. Depending on the market, there are requirements based on regulations and technical standards which, often, are not based on harmonized international standards. This implies the need for specific product certifications for these markets. In some countries, a certificate of conformity issued by an independent agency recognized by the country's authorities is required to surpass the customs processes.  

Our solution

Applus+ offers a comprehensive service for your products and goods to gain access to your company's target markets.

Our experience in international standards and certifications allows us to offer a service tailored to each company.

Our service includes:

  • Technical assistance on regulations and standards
  • Multidisciplinary tests in our own laboratories
  • Product certification
  • Pre-shipment inspection services and conformity certificates for customs
  • Quality management for imports

Applus+ is your partner to access the global marketplace and obtain the major international product certifications:

We are recognized by official conformity certification agencies in different countries with their own regulations.

We perform tests, pre-shipment inspections, and issue the Certificates of Conformity (CoC) for customs required in:

  • Algeria: Pre-shipment inspections and quality certificate issuing
  • Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai and Oman: Reaction and fire resistance tests

We have a network of qualified technicians to perform the quality control wherever your business may need, adapting to our clients' production characteristics:

  • Supplier audit
  • Production quality control (inspection, production line sampling and testing)
  • Loading supervision and pre-shipment inspections


  • Applus+, one stop shop to ensure conformity with the entry requirements for your target markets
  • Have a partner specializing in international standards for product imports and exports.
  • Gain access for your products to markets with complex certification procedures and specific customs requirements.


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