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Weightless SIG names Applus+ as the official testing laboratory for products using its connectivity technology


Applus+ Laboratories increases its range of testing and certification services for wireless devices and IoT solutions.
Weightless SIG has named Applus+ as its official testing and certification laboratory for wireless devices which use Weightless connectivity technology.
Weightless is a new, open and bi-directional LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) solution. This communication technology is designed for use in Internet of Things solutions and allows for data exchange between a base station and thousands of devices.
From now on, IoT solutions which use Weightless technology to connect their devices will be able to use a certification scheme to guarantee the quality and interoperability of their communications. This certification scheme aims to increase confidence in certified products for both buyers and end users.
To obtain Weightless certification, both the base station and end-point devices must pass a series of tests at both physical and protocol level. These tests will be carried out at the Applus+ Laboratories facilities and will include tests on both the receiver and transmitter blocks.

New services for connected devices

Applus+ is an accredited laboratory for testing compliance with the requirements which wireless equipment and devices must meet in order to gain market access in the EU (Radio Equipment Directive) and the USA (FCC). Applus+ also offers certification services and radio type approval for global markets.
With this new recognition, Applus+ increases its services for IoT solutions and can also offer tests aimed at obtaining voluntary certification marks for IoT connectivity technologies.

What is Weightless connectivity technology?

Weightless is a new, open, low-power and wide-range wireless communication standard aimed at bringing connectivity to IoT solutions. In contrast to the broad-band networks used by mobile phones (3G and 4G), LPWAN networks are designed taking the needs of IoT solutions into account. They offer low implementation costs, reduced data traffic, coverage at long distances and minimal battery consumption.
There are currently various LPWAN technologies on the market, each with its own characteristics. Developers of IoT solutions need to choose the technology that best meets their solution’s requirements.
Weightless is an open standard, allowing every company to establish its own Weightless network, or to contract an operator who provides access to a Weightless network. Among its technical advantages, the highlights of Weightless include its ultra-low energy consumption, its capacity to manage bi-directional communications and over-the-air (OTA) updates for devices, as well as its scalability for IoT solutions.
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