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Visa set to standardise certification of battery-powered cards with dCVV2


This announcement paves the way for a streamlined certification process for battery-powered cards featuring buttons, screens and biometric sensors.
Visa Approval Services announced at the June 2017 Visa Vendor Forum in San Francisco that it is ready to start certifying cards featuring dCCV2 technology. This type of card is powered with a battery and includes an interactive screen which displays the CCV number, currently seen printed on the back of the card. This functionality will lead to increased security for online payments that typically use CCV as a verification code.
This announcement marks an important step towards the standardisation of interactive cards. Adding a battery changes the card's architecture, which has implications for payments made using card terminals (both contact and contactless) and, by extension, for Visa’s functional testing. Up until now, Visa has treated battery-powered cards as a special case and their Visa Type Approval certification has consequently proved far more complicated.
By standardising the certification of cards featuring dCCV2, Visa is smoothing the way for the certification of other types of battery-powered cards incorporating features such as buttons, screens and biometric sensors.
Applus+ is your expert for testing and evaluating interactive cards.
Various companies are already working on a new generation of interactive cards with a wide range of applications. Since 2014, Applus+ has been working with some of the leading businesses in this sector to develop and certify battery-powered cards.
Applus+ is accredited by the key payment schemes including EMVCo, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We can guide you through the certification process and help you to identify common problems with interactive cards such as battery consumption, line adaption, current flow, voltage levels and more.

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