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Applus+ launches new quality certification for internal doors


This certification helps manufacturers to differentiate their products from its competitors and further the move towards the CE marking of this type of door, the standard for which is currently in its draft stage. .
Since the CE marking, in accordance with European standard EN 16034, of pedestrian doorsets; industrial, commercial and garage doors; and openable windows came into force, there has been a good deal of confusion among manufacturers over whether or not this same standard applies to internal doors. In fact, it does not.
Standard EN 16034 relates to fire-resisting and smoke-control characteristics and must be applied in conjunction with the corresponding product standard in order for CE marking to be achieved. CE marking currently only applies to products that fall within the scope of European standards EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2106 (windows and external doors) and EN 13241:2004+A2:2016 (industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates).
There is a specific product standard for internal doors, but this is still in the draft stage (prEN 14351-2). Until this standard is approved and harmonised, internal doors will remain outside the scope of CE marking.
As such, Applus+ has launched its own quality mark to certify the properties of internal doors and therefore facilitate their marketing and sale. Internal doors bearing the Applus+ product certification will both proactively meet the future requirements of CE marking and offer greater guarantees than other products on the market. Furthermore, manufacturers opting for this voluntary certification will be in an advantageous position when the new standard is published since the A+ mark is fully aligned with CE-marking requirements.
Specialist testing and certification services for the fire-door and fire-curtain industry:
Applus+ supports door and curtain manufacturers through a range of testing and certification services that are tailored to the precise features of these products and their regulatory framework. The Applus+ fire-protection laboratories are a global benchmark within the industry, holding multiple international accreditations and recognitions.
Applus+ is also an ISO 17065-accredited certification body as well as a Notified Body for fire-protection, fire-fighting and fire-control systems under the Construction Products Regulation (European Parliament and Council Regulation [EU] no. 305/2011 of 9th March 2011).
All of this makes us best placed to provide manufacturers with fully customisable solutions to suit their particular products:
  • Manufacturers of external pedestrian doorsets; industrial and garage doors; and fire curtains: product testing and certification of constancy of performance for CE marking to EN 16034 standard as well as to product standards EN 14351-1 and EN 13241, respectively
  • Manufacturers of internal pedestrian doors: testing and certification with A+ mark, with a view to subsequent CE marking
  • Manufacturers of power-operated pedestrian doors: testing and certification with A+ mark, in line with standard EN 16361

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